Uploading your invoices is quick & easy

Upload the electronic invoices of all your company cell phones and fixed lines into Callinspector.

Let the engine do the work: involve your users

Callinspector's intelligent self-learning mechanism will consolidate and analyze your invoices using a number of business.

Understand your spending: monitor & optimize

Callinspector - Telco Expense Management gives you and your users a comprehensive overview of usage.

Interested in Callinspector?

Stop paying for your employees’ private calls, or for under-utilized telecom services.

Callinspector will cut your telco costs by 25%!

Callinspector – the Telco Expense Management (TEM)

solution – consolidates electronic telco statements, analyzes them, and provides reporting through an easy-to-use Web 2.0 interface. Reports are customized for telecom end-users, managers, and controllers to empower people to control their costs and optimize savings.

How much

do you spend?

Are you interested in finding out how other companies decrese Telco related costs without having to decrease their level of service? Find out about Callinspector (TEM) here

More about Callinspector


Telco Expense Mangement

Most companies put significant effort into managing telco costs, devices & contracts, but often struggle to maintain efficient processes, especially over the long term. The drivers for increased...

Telecom Expense Management Consulting

The quality of communication channels (data as well as voice) has an un-ignorable effect on the day-to-day life of every company...

End2End telco contract re-negotiation

Based on detailed invoices from your telco service providers, our consultants, using the Callinspector Telecommunication Expense Management (TEM) solution...

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